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My Services

I can record and produce your audiobook, your meditation or affirmation script, greeting card messages, video whiteboard voiceovers, Interactive Voice Recording, or anything else you have in mind and, yes, that IS Darth Vader on the far right!  After more than 3 years cosplaying as Vader, I have perfected his enunciation and diction to a tee.  He might be useful to voice a cellphone ringtone or birthday greeting or anything else you can think of.  Have a Jane Austin Fan Fiction that needs narrating, I also offer a British accent that's right up your alley!

My recordings are done in my home studio and produced professionally as HD files and, if you're looking to sell your audiobook, my files are Audible compliant.  Listen to my samples and let me know what I can record for you!


Strange Voices Come to Life

I offer a wide range of voiceover products; from meditation or affirmation scripts to video instructional scripts to audiobook narration. Long-form audiobooks are my passion and I absolutely LOVE bringing a story to life.  It's one thing to read a good story; it's another to hear it.


The Unusual Suspects

Out of all my performances, nothing brought the “wow” factor quite like this one. After 3 years of cosplay as the Dark Lord of the Sith, I have perfected his cadence and diction.  I've recorded Vader in cellphone voicemail messages, wedding announcements and holiday greetings. The reaction from audiences in person and as a VO artist has been incredible, and I've received excellent feedback from critics.

My Services: Portfolio
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