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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
Stephen King

You ever curl up with a good book and let the hours pass by while you’re in another place or another time?  Yeah, me too.  A good story has that power.  And I love bringing those stories to life.  I give the hero their courage, the villain their evil or the victim their pain.  Of course, the author gets the credit for creating all of that in the first place, but it’s my privilege to translate it in the form of an audiobook.  And from my home studio near Los Angeles, California, I get to do just that!  I spend hours at a time, each day I’m in my studio, bringing the printed word to your ears…and I love every minute of it!  I’ve voiced horror stories, sci-fi adventures, private eye novels and non-fiction educational manuals. Oh! Are you a fan of Jane Austin?  Have a fanfiction story that you’re dying to have heard? Well, I also narrate in a British accent that's right up your alley!  All the books I’ve narrated are on Audible, so feel free to search for me there and listen to other samples that I haven’t included here. And all my audiobook files are Audible compliant, so you’ll have no issues with putting your book on that platform.

Now, as much as I enjoy long form narration, I have other voice talents as well!  After more than 3 years cosplaying as Darth Vader, I have perfected his recognizable enunciation and diction to a tee. Who knows? The Sith Lord might be useful to bring a little fear and foreboding to a cell phone ringtone or birthday greeting or anything else you can think of.   

And I’ve even stepped into the ring of meditations and affirmations. If you have something you need turned into an audio file to help ease stress or anxiety or boost your self confidence, then I can help with that, too.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

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